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Mindfulness and the Brain

The neuroscience of mindfulness For any doubting Thomas’ out there who thinks that mindfulness is just some sort of ‘out there’ alternative, hippy type thing for people with beards and kaftans (though of course I have no issue at all with beards, hippies or kaftans), I would like to share some of the neuroscience.  It… Read more »

CBT and Mindfulness – a Great Partnership


CBT and Mindfulness are a powerful therapeutic combination for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. Both depression and anxiety can make everyday life very challenging. It is well researched and documented how helpful CBT is in treating depression and anxiety, in the UK it is the NICE recommended treatment for mild to moderate mental… Read more »

A Brief History of Mindfulness

Sally Otto Therapy Biggleswade

Mindfulness was first used therapeutically by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre in the late 1970’s. The success of his program which treated people suffering from chronic long-term physical health problems was revolutionary and set the mindfulness wheels in motion. Today mindfulness books crowd out other self-help… Read more »

CBT – A Talking Therapy That Helps

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) developed during the twentieth century from the joining of two complementary approaches: behaviour therapy and cognitive therapy. The behavioural aspect of CBT looks at the actions that inadvertently cause or maintain emotional distress and looks at helping to develop more helpful reactions.  The cognitive element of CBT helps people to view… Read more »

Making Mindfulness Part of Everyday Life

There are many ways to adopt a more mindful attitude in your day-to-day routine.  As a start point see if you can perform a mundane task in a mindful way.  For example, brushing your teeth, try to be fully present for the few minutes this everyday task takes.  See if you can really feel the… Read more »